Hand-roasted in Small Batches by Four Generations of Kobricks
Embracing our legacy we roast, blend and create with a never-ending passion for exploration. Step inside the roasting plant and experience the incredible smell of fresh roasted coffee, the peaceful vibe while sitting down to a coffee cupping, the passion and attention to detail that has passed on from generation to generation. We continue to flow; creating blends, espresso & single origin roasts while focused on service & sustainability with a passionate enthusiasm that can be tasted in a sip.
“I have been with Kobrick Coffee Co. since 1987 and am committed to stay with them forever. Because of their continued high standards in roasting and blending, Kobrick Coffee is able to meet my clientele’s demands.”
- Chef David Bouley

“We have been serving Kobrick Coffee at our restaurants for over 25 years. The Kobrick’s passion and dedication to excellence in roasting and blending ensures that we meet the high expectations of our guests.”
- Drew Nieporent, Restaurateur

“The blends, including one called Dark Velvet which combines Kenya AA, Colombian Supremo and Java Estate, are delicious.”
- Florence Fabricant, New York Times

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