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Having excellent coffee and an attractive location aren’t enough to ensure a quality coffee program. Well trained Baristas add the craft and polish that set a location apart from the competition. We have SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) certified Brew and Espresso trainers. We can train your staff to not only to make excellent beverages, but also to get the customer the beverage they want! We have an easy to follow beverage manual so that even after our trainers have left, your staff’s questions will be answered. And, as your staff progresses in their skills, we can even train them to create beautiful latte art in every beverage they prepare leaving a lasting impression on your customers.
Sales and Marketing
For immediate results that last, we listen to the individual needs of an account and develop an appropriate coffee program that exceeds need and expectations. The next step is to promote the coffee program as a feature of the retail customer’s overall experience.
The key to delivering the best is consistently doing the small things right. This takes attention to detail and patient direction. Our team carefully and thoroughly prepares you to perform at the level fitting your coffee program.
Equipment Service
Preventative maintenance techniques will stave off your equipment downtime. Prevention and triage are the twin prongs that hold the attentions of our service department. And when prevention fails, our well seasoned staff get you up and running with a 24 hrs a day hot-line.
Customer Support
We understand that our customers want us to consistently get things right, and possess an “of course we can get that for you” attitude.