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Home Brew Guides
Basics of Brewing Coffee Bar Quality at Home:
Start with fresh roasted Kobrick Coffee Co; here at the Kobrick Roasting Plant we roast and package to order. Fresh roasted coffee takes about 2 days to gas off, so by the time you receive your order, it’s the best time to brew your coffee.

If you can buy or have a coffee grinder, always order whole bean coffees. As soon as coffee is ground it begins to lose its flavor profile.

Make sure your grinder is set correctly depending on your brewing method. Depending on your grinder you may need to play around with the settings until you get it right.

Use fresh, cold purified water.

Make sure your brewing equipment is always thoroughly cleaned.

Serve or drink coffee immediately after brewing.
Four Enemies of Fresh Roasted Coffee and What to do:
1. Air
2. Heat
3. Moisture
4. Direct Sunlight
Always store in airtight containers
Store in a cool dry place
Keep away from areas with water
Keep out of well lit areas/windows